Strategy Execution: Business Strategy Via The Cloud

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Throughout history, military planners have taken to the clouds to assess the strength and deployment of enemy forces. From weather balloons and reconnaissance flights to stealth aircraft and military satellites, planners have assembled and interpreted the information they gather “from … Continued

Is Your Business Too Complex to Succeed?

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Is Your Business Too Complex to Succeed? In 2012, U.S. businesses face challenges at every turn—from the opportunities and pitfalls of globalization to ever-changing federal legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley. All too often, the response has been to make processes within the … Continued

Getting Aligned on “Alignment”

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Many CEOs talk at their people, not with them. They stand up at all-staff meetings and describe their vision for the company’s future. “You all get that, don’t you?” they ask. Some employees walk away believing they can answer “Yes” … Continued

Strategy and Planning

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Strategy and planning Implementation – it seems too laborious, so why bother. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do and how to get it done, and if they don’t then they should not be in their position and likely not in … Continued

Think your business is unique?

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Our business is unique! CEO’s tell me all the time that their business is unique, and I don’t necessarily disagree with them, yet…. Businesses all deal with the same three aspects, and it is quite simple, regardless of size, industry, location, et … Continued

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